Our Programs


Life Skills Training

Arnold Place offers a complete curriculum of Life Skills Training. 

 This course will include, but not limited to:  


House Cleaning

PTSD Solutions

Personal/Public Hygiene



Domestic Violence/Abuse and Sex Trafficking Prevention. 

These classes are meant to focus completely on the healing of the mind, body and spirit after experiencing trauma.

At Arnold Place, we believe a woman should never look like what she's been through.


Financial Literacy

Arnold Place is proud to offer through the Executive Director/Visionary,  Ms.Tracy Arnold, a complete 18 month course on Financial Literacy. 

This course will include, but not limited to: 

Credit Repair

How to Create and Maintain a Budget

 Rent vs Homeownership

Understanding the Responsibility of Homeownership

Maintaining Your Home in Tough Times

Financial Restoration

It is our goal and belief, when given a chance, everyone has the opportunity to take part in the American Dream of Homeownership!


Farm to Table

With open land available, we are in the process of  partnering with our local agricultural partners. It is our desire to create healthy meals as well as learn farming skills.